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Features Since 1945, Developing Capability of Gravure Inks is our proper resources.

  • “Developing Capability” of Ink Products


    We have piled up research and development, to meet high demand to the maximum from customers for inks that are used not only for packaging, but also for various purposes such as consumer electronics, mobile phones, personal computers or cars etc.,
    In particular, our technology and equipment of dispersion and blending are improved and satisfactory. We are trying to understand the customers’ issues accurately and develop inks that are more user-friendly and high-value-added.

  • “Flexibility” corresponding to the joint development


    We can provide not only inks for our own developing products but also inks corresponding
    to the demands from the customers. We support the customers to differentiate from the other competitors by providing ink products with needed processing optimization and quality characteristic after repeatedly carrying out meeting with each other.

  • “OEM Production System” corresponding to the customers’ needs


    We carry out processing not only our own products, but also correspond to the commissioning processing based on composition etc., that customers consign to us.

  • “Company Structure for Security” with quality guarantee and environmental control


    Based on acquisition of ISO9001 and ISO 14001, we carry out production under the management system corresponding to the self-audit standards and certification standards of each customer. Especially regarding the environmental regulations, we carry out the substance control corresponding to domestic and foreign regulations ( such as NL regulations, Directives on RoHS and Regulations of REACH).
    Additionally, framework not to receive, not to use and not to deliver correspond dint to each customer’s standards is maintained, so we are confident that customers can use ink from us in relief.

Products High-quality, custom-made coloring.

  • 01.

    Marking inksWe respond to our customers’ demand by continuing to make daily efforts for provision of environmental-friendly mark ink.

  • 02.

    Ink for condenserWe are dealing with marking ink for condenser and each kind of cables such as electric wire which are indispensable electric parts for every electronics apparatus.

  • 03.

    Environment-friendly inkWe have been enhancing the substitution of the organic solvent and development of environment- friendly ink since early stage of the company along the global tendency and regulation to use an environmentally considered material.

  • 04.

    Functional InksIn recent years, various additional functions such as adding the means for “transmit information”, “appeal to the visual sense” to “durable” or “strongly built” etc., have been also required in printing industry. We offer all support to add various functions to printings based on our accumulated know-how.

  • 05.

    Gravure Inks for Aluminum Foil PiecesWe widely response to aluminum foil used in various fields, from versatile type to individual grade. We are engaged in development of the functional ink for food packaging, medicament packaging or electronic material use etc., necessary for heat-resistant layer, processing optimization and chemical resistance.

  • 06.

    Useful Equipment for PrintingWe deal with various useful equipments for printing.
    ・Waste Cloth
    ・Doctor Blade

Company Profile

Head office / Factory 2224-4,Otoshidani,Higashihonjyo,Sanda-shi,Hyogo 669-1357 Japan [map]
TEL +81-72-770-5617 / FAX +81-79-560-7015
Technical Center 4-120 Kitaitami, Itami City, Hyogo Prefecture, 664-0831 [map]
TEL +81-72-770-5613, +81-72-710-0300 / FAX +81-72-770-7702
Office Kyushu Plant (Laminate Factory)
1-3-17 (Kameyama Complex A) Befunishi, Shime-machi, Kasuya-gun, Fukuoka prefecture, 811-2232 [map]
TEL +81-92-935-3491 / FAX +81-92-935-3448
Business Fields Development, Production and Sales of Gravure Inks for printings / Special Lamination
Capital 49,500,000 yen
Founded September, 1945
Number of employees 37 (as of the end of May, 2017)
Main Customers Nissha Printings Co., Ltd., UACJ Foil Corporation,
Sumitomo Electric Industries Ltd.,Gravure Japan, Inc.,
Sumitomo Riko Co.Ltd.,
Representative Director and President Makoto Ban